Roof Slope Calculator

Roof Pitch

Utilize our complimentary online tool to calculate the slope of a roof. Input the following parameters: Rise, Pitch.

Accurately assessing the slope of a roof is essential in roof design, as it influences interior space, drainage, style, and choice of roofing material. Roof pitch or slope is calculated by measuring the vertical rise in inches over a horizontal length of twelve inches. Various roof types include flat, low, and steep slopes. Please use our online slope angle calculator to precisely determine your roof’s run, pitch, and angle.

Roof Slope formula

    \[\text{Run (inches)} = \frac{{12 \times \text{Rise}}}{{\text{Roof Pitch}}}\]

    \[\text{Slope} = \left( \frac{{\text{Rise}}}{{\text{Run}}} \right) \times 100\]

    \[\text{Angle} = \tan^{-1}\left(\frac{{\text{Rise}}}{{\text{Run}}}\right)\]

Roof Slope Calculator

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