Vertical Curve Offset Distance Calculator

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Utilize our complimentary online tool to compute the offset distance for a vertical curve. Input the following parameters: Length, Initial Grade, and Final Grade.

Vertical offset denotes the vertical gap between the VPI (Vertical Point of Intersection) and the arc. A steep curve smooths the transition between varying pavement elevations during design. It maintains a uniform rate of change along the curve. Our online calculator for vertical curve offset distance allows you to determine middle ordinates or the vertical offset curve distance for highways. By entering the curve length initial and final grades, you can obtain precise results to enhance road design efficiency.

Vertical Curve Offset Distance formula

    \[E =\frac{{L \times (g_2 - g_1)}}{8}\]


  • E – Vertical Offset
  • g1 – Initial grade
  • g2 – Final grade
  • L – Length of the curve

The Vertical Curve Offset Distance Calculator makes it easy to calculate the middle ordinate when designing highways online.

Vertical Curve Offset Distance Calculator
Vertical Curve Offset Distance Calculator
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