Roof Pitch Calculator


Utilize our complimentary online tool to compute the pitch of a roof. Input the following parameters: Rise, Run.

Calculate a roof’s pitch, slope, and angle by utilizing the provided rise and run measurements. The rise represents the vertical distance from the roof’s top to bottom. At the same time, the run indicates the horizontal distance from the exterior wall to the interior ridge. Employ our user-friendly online rise-and-run calculator to ascertain your roof’s pitch, slope, and angle. To determine the pitch, divide the rise by 12 and then divide the result by the run. For calculating the slope, divide the bank by the run and multiply by 100. Finally, to find the angle, take the arctangent (tan-1) of the rise divided by the run.

Roof Pitch formula

    \[Pitch = \frac{S}{\left(\frac{N}{12}\right)}\]

    \[Slope = \left(\frac{S}{N}\right) \times 100\]

    \[Angle = \tan^{-1}\left(\frac{S}{N}\right)\]

The variables used in the formula are:

S = Rise (inches)

N = Run (inches)

Roof Pitch Calculator

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