Vertical Curve Length using Passing Sight Distance Calculator

Passing Sight Distance
Initial Grade
Final Grade

Utilize our complimentary online tool to compute the length of a vertical curve by employing passing sight distance. Input the following parameters: Passing Sight Distance, Initial Grade, and Final Grade.

Find out the minimal vertical curve length required, considering passing sight distance, initial grade, and final grade. Compute the ideal curve length for ensuring road safety and efficiency in design.

Vertical curve length using passing sight distance formula

    \[Lm = \frac{{S^2 \times (g_2 - g_1)}}{{864}} \quad \text{for } S < Lm\]



  • Lm: Value of Lm (minimum curve length)
  • S: Value of S (passing sight distance)
  • g1: Value of g1 (initial grade)
  • g2: Value of g2 (final grade)

The calculator uses the formula for calculating the minimum curve length (Lm) based on the passing sight distance (S), initial grade (g1), and final grade (g2), using the given equation.

Vertical Curve Length using Passing Sight Distance Calculator

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