Roof Angle Calculator


Utilize our complimentary online tool to compute the angle of a roof. Input the following parameters: Rise, Slope.

In the realm of roof framing, the angle plays a pivotal role. The rise-run angle calculator aids in determining the roof angle by gauging the rise between the rafters. This measurement can vary based on the roof’s slope. In the metric system, roof pitch is often quantified by the angle or the run unit, like a “1 in x” slope, where a 1 in 1 slope corresponds to a 45° angle. Employ our online roof angle calculator to ascertain the angle, run, and roof pitch by inputting the values of rise and slope.

Roof Angle formula

    \[Run(inches) = \frac{Rise}{Slope} \times 100\]

    \[Angle = \tan^{-1}\left(\frac{Rise}{Run}\right)\]

    \[Roof Pitch = \frac{Rise}{\frac{Run}{12}}\]

Roof Angle Calculator

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