Rise Run Slope Calculator


Utilize our complimentary online tool to calculate the rise-run slope of a roof. Input the following parameters: Rise, Angle.

The roof’s pitch or slope denotes the degree of incline from the horizontal plane. Shelters can either be flat or pitched. Pitch is commonly conveyed as the vertical rise (in inches) for each foot of horizontal span along the roof. It is computed by dividing the roof’s steep hill by its horizontal span. The slope pitch calculator aids in establishing the roof’s pitch and run by entering the values of rise and angle. This tool holds significant importance for engineers engaged in construction projects.

Rise Run Slope formula

    \[Run(inches) = \frac{Rise}{\tan(\angle)}\]

    \[Roof Pitch = \frac{Rise}{\frac{Run}{12}}\]

    \[Slope = \frac{Rise}{Run} \times 100\]

Rise Run Slope Calculator

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