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Paver Size
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Utilize our complimentary online tool to compute the dimensions of a Paver Patio. Input the following parameters: Length and width.

Paver surfaces are chosen for their decorative appeal, enhancing outdoor spaces and creating warm gathering spots. When constructing a paver patio, accurate paver and patio dimensions are pivotal. Our online paver patio calculator streamlines this process. You can determine the overall paver and patio size and the number of required pavers. Enter the paver and patio lengths and widths, along with paver costs, and the calculator will promptly provide you with the essential details.

Paver Patio formula

    \[S = a \times b\]

    \[p = l \times w\]

    \[r = \frac{{a \times b}}{{l \times w}}\]

    \[c = \frac{{a \times b}}{{l \times w}} + \left(\frac{{10}}{{100}} \times \frac{{a \times b}}{{l \times w}}\right)\]

    \[d = \left(\frac{{a \times b}}{{l \times w}}\right) \times m\]

    \[e = \left(\frac{{a \times b}}{{l \times w}} + \left(\frac{{10}}{{100}} \times \frac{{a \times b}}{{l \times w}}\right)\right) \times m\]

The variables used in the formula are:

e = Cost of a Recommended Pavers

d = Cost of Required Pavers

m = Cost of a Paver

c = Recommended Pavers

r = Required Pavers

p = Total Size of a Paver (ft²)

s = Total Size of Patio (ft²)

a = Length of Patio (ft)

b = Width of Patio (ft)

l = Length of Paver (inch)

w = Width of Paver (inch)

Paver Patio Calculator

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