Electric Potential Energy Calculator

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This electric potential energy calculator is used to determine the electric potential energy (voltage) at a given distance.

Electric potential energy, commonly referred to as potential energy, signifies the ability of external forces to perform work. Within electrical systems, this energy is stored in circuits and recognized as electric potential energy or voltage. This stored energy is frequently transformed into other forms like heat, light, or motion. The electric potential energy at a specific point in space, positioned at a distance of r from a single charge, can be evaluated using the formula V = kQ/r. With the aid of this electric potential energy calculator, you can quickly compute the electric potential energy (voltage) at a particular distance.

Electric Potential Energy formula

V(r) = kQ / r
(i.e) k = 1 / (4 x π x ϵ0)


  • V(r) = Electric Potential
  • Q = Charge
  • k = Scalar Quantity
  • ϵ0 = Permittivity
  • r = Point Distance

Electric Potential Energy Calculator

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