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By evaluating individual devices’ power usage, you can pinpoint opportunities to decrease and economize on electricity expenses.

This web-based calculator is created to assist you in monitoring the electrical consumption of diverse appliances within your household. By computing the power consumption of each device, you can uncover avenues for curtailing and conserving electricity expenditures. Choose the appliance type from the dropdown menu and input its power usage, daily operational hours, and electricity cost per unit to deduce your home’s daily, monthly, or yearly electricity consumption, energy usage, and associated costs.

Electricity Cost formula

Energy Consumed per Day = (p x h) / 1000
Energy Consumed per Month = ((p x h) / 1000) x 30
Energy Consumed per Year = ((p x h) / 1000) x 365
Electricity Cost per Day = ((p x h) / 1000) x r
Electricity Cost per Month =(((p x h) / 1000) x 30) x r
Electricity Cost per Year = (((p x h) / 1000) x 365) x r


  • p = Power Consumption
  • h = Hours of Use per Day
  • r = Electricity Cost per Unit

Electricity Cost Calculator

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