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The DC Current Calculator is provided at no cost and only needs you to input voltage in volts and current in amps. After submitting, it delivers the power output in watts.

Electric power signifies the quantity of electrical energy an electric circuit transfers in a specific time interval. The SI unit for power is the watt, equivalent to one joule per second. With our user-friendly online DC power calculator, you can easily find the power output of your circuit using the given voltage and current values. This DC Current Calculator is offered free of charge and requires you to enter voltage in volts and current in amps. Upon submission, you’ll receive the power output in watts.

DC Power formula

    \[P = V x I\]

    \[V = P / I\]

    \[I = P / V\]


  • P = Power
  • V = Voltage
  • I = Current

DC Power Calculator

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