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Please find out the power dissipation in a zener diode and its corresponding connected resistor by providing the load current, input, and output voltage.

Employ this online calculator to compute the power dissipation in a zener diode and the resistor linked in series with it. A Zener diode, a specialized type, permits current flow in both forward and reverse directions once it reaches the Zener voltage. Its PN junction is highly doped, allowing it to maintain a steady voltage despite substantial variations in current. Input the load current, input voltage, and output voltage values into this calculator to accurately assess the power dissipation in both the resistor and the zener diode.

Zener Diode formula

    \[R = \frac{{1000 \times (V_{\text{min}} - V_{\text{out}})}}{{I_{\text{L}} + 10}}\]

    \[RP = \frac{{(V_{\text{max}} - V_{\text{out}})^2}}{R}\]

    \[ZP = \frac{{1000 \times \left(\frac{{(V_{\text{max}} - V_{\text{out}})}}{R} \times V_{\text{out}}\right)}}{1000}\]


  • IL = Load Current
  • R = Value of Resistor
  • RP = Power of Resistor
  • ZP = Power of Zener Diode

Zener Diode Calculator

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