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Utilize our complimentary online tool to compute surveying curves. Input the following parameters: Radius, Angle.

A simple curve does not cross itself in mathematics, setting it apart from other curve types. Closed curves, encompassing shapes like triangles, quadrilaterals, and circles, are included within this classification. Our online surveying curve calculator streamlines the calculation of curve degrees. Furthermore, this circular curve calculator furnishes values for curve length, tangent length, external distance, long chord length, and middle ordinate.

Curve Calculator Surveying formula

    \[l = \frac{\pi \cdot r \cdot i}{180}\]

    \[t = r \cdot \tan\left(\frac{i}{2}\right)\]

    \[e = \left(\frac{r}{\cos\left(\frac{i}{2}\right)}\right) - r\]

    \[c = 2 \cdot r \cdot \sin\left(\frac{i}{2}\right)\]

    \[m = r - \left(r \cdot \cos\left(\frac{i}{2}\right)\right)\]

    \[d = \frac{5729.58}{r}\]

The variables used in the formula are:

i = Deflection Angle

l = Length of Curve

r = Radius

t = Length of Tangent

e = External Distance

c = Length of Long Chord

m = Middle Ordinate

d = Degree of Curve Approximate

Use the online simple circular curve calculator to quickly and accurately find the degree or radian of a curve.

Curve Calculator Surveying Online

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