Cantilever Beam Calculator

Young's Modulus
Area Moment of Inertia

Utilize our free online calculator to calculate the stiffness of a cantilever beam. By inputting parameters such as length, Young’s modulus, and area moment of inertia, you can conveniently determine the beam’s stiffness using this tool.

Cantilever Beam formula

    \[\text{Stiffness } (k) = \frac{3 \times E \times I}{l^3}\]

The variables used in the formula are:

E – Young’s Modulus

I – Area Moment of Inertia

l – Length

Calculate the slope, deflection, and stiffness of a cantilever beam using this online calculator. Enter the relevant parameters such as load, length, Young’s modulus, and area moment of inertia to obtain accurate results.

Cantilever Beam Calculator

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