Cantilever beam with couple moment Calculator

Couple Moment at the free end
Elastic Modulus
Area moment of inertia
Length of the beam
Load position

Please use our user-friendly free online tool to calculate the slope and deflection of a cantilever beam under the influence of a couple of moments. This calculator is designed to provide accurate results for analyzing the behavior of a cantilever beam and its response to a couple of moments.

Cantilever beam with couple moment formula

Slope at free end = ML / EI
Deflection at any section = Mx2 / 2EI

The variables used in the formula are:

M is the couple moment at the free end,

E is the Elastic Modulus,

I is the Area moment of Inertia,

L is the Length of the beam and

x is the position of the load.

Cantilever beam with couple moment Calculator

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