Young’s Modulus Spring Resonant Frequency Calculator

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Spring Diameter
Total Number of Coils
Spring Material Shear Modulus
Material Density

Compute the oscillation frequency of a spring by taking into account variables like Young’s modulus, density, and other provided parameters.

The resonant frequency of a spring can be computed using the formula 1/2(√(k/m)). When the mass (m) is not given, the resonant frequency can be evaluated by replacing the group with the product of density and volume (m = density x volume). This equation integrates factors, including Young’s modulus, material density, and other provided values, to ascertain the resonant frequency of the spring.

Young\’s Modulus Spring Resonant Frequency formula

    \[f_{\text{res}} = \frac{d}{{9 \cdot D^2 \cdot n_f}} \cdot \sqrt{\frac{G}{\rho}}\]


  • fres = Spring Resonant Frequency
  • d = Wire Diameter
  • D = spring Diameter
  • nf = Total Number of Coils
  • G = Youngs Modulus of Material
  • ρ = Material Density

Young's Modulus Spring Resonant Frequency Calculator

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