Flat Diameter of Auger Screw Calculator

Outside Flight Diameter
Inside Flight Diameter
Pitch of Flight

Effortlessly determine the flat diameter of an auger screw using this straightforward online calculator. Swiftly and easily identify the precise size for your project.

Are you seeking the solution to the query “How do I calculate the flat shape of a screw’s flight?”? This calculator for the flat diameter of an auger screw is at your service, simplifying the process of obtaining answers via calculations for the flat shape of a screw conveyor’s flight. Input the Outside Flight Diameter, Inside Flight Diameter, and Flight Pitch, and the tool will promptly present you with results, including overall radius, developed outside and inside diameters, and cylindrical screw flights.

Flat Diameter of Auger Screw formula

    \[D = \frac{A - B}{2}\]

    \[E = \sqrt{(\pi \cdot A)^2 + C^2}\]

    \[F = \sqrt{(\pi \cdot B)^2 + C^2}\]

    \[G = \frac{F \cdot D}{E - F}\]


  • D = Overall Radius
  • A = Outside Flight Diameter
  • B = Inside Flight Diameter
  • C = Pitch of Flight
  • E = Developed Outside Diameter
  • F = Developed Inside Diameter
  • G = Cylindrical Screw Flights

Are you looking for a quick and reliable way to calculate the flat form of a flight of a screw conveyor? Look no further! Our online auger screw calculator is here to help. In a matter of seconds, you can obtain accurate results – giving you more time to focus on other tasks. Try it out today!

Flat Diameter of Auger Screw Calculator

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