Trip Fuel Consumption Calculator

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Calculate your travel fuel consumption using our user-friendly calculator. Obtain precise results rapidly and identify the most efficient route for your journey.

Our calculator is tailored to compute the remaining post-trip fuel for AvGas and Jet A. We assume that AvGas (100-130 or 100-130LL) weighs 6 pounds per gallon, and Jet A (jet fuel) weighs 6.84 pounds per gallon. These values are grounded in average specific gravity and factors like temperature and region-specific additives.

Trip Fuel Consumption formula

Aviation Gasoline weight per gallon(gw)=6.00
Jet A weight per gallon(dw)=6.84
Total Capacity (AvGas) Fuel Load Weight=(Fuel weight)* (gw)
Calculated Fuel Ramaining=(st)-((tt)*(gph))
Beginning Fuel Load=Fuel weight*TankCurrent fuel load=Fuel weight-calculated fuel;

Make fuel consumption calculations for AvGas and Jet A simpler with our free online science calculators.

Trip Fuel Consumption Calculator

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