External Screw Thread Calculator

Min. Pitch Dia External Thread
Max. Minor Dia. Internal Thread
Fastener Thread Engagement
Threads per inch

Master the art of calculating external screw thread dimensions with our user-friendly guide. Explore pitch, primary diameter, minor diameter, and other essential aspects using our complimentary calculator.

Utilize our mechanical calculator to effortlessly determine the shear area of an external thread (screw or fastener). This calculation is based on the minor diameter of the tapped hole, offering a valuable tool for your engineering needs.

External Screw Thread formula

    \[A_s = \pi \times n \times L_c \times K_n (\frac{1}{2n}+0.57735(E_s min - K_n max))\]


  • Kn max = Maximum minor diameter of internal thread
  • Es min = Minimum pitch diameter of external thread
  • Le = Fastener thread engagement
  • n = Number of threads per inch

External Screw Thread Calculator

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