Square Tube Section properties Calculator

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Effortlessly determine the properties of a square tube section using our convenient online calculator. Obtain precise results within seconds!

Utilize our Square Tube Properties Calculator to quickly calculate essential section properties, including Inertia, Modulus, Area, and Radius. Input the Exterior and Interior values and quickly receive accurate results.

Square Tube Section properties formula

    \[Inertia = \frac{a^4 - b^4}{12} \quad\]

    \[Modulus = \frac{a^4 - b^4}{6a} \quad\]

    \[Radius = \sqrt{\frac{a^2 + b^2}{12}} \quad\]

    \[Area = a^2 - b^2\]

These formulas are used to calculate different properties of a cross-sectional shape that is assumed to be an ellipse with major axis a and minor axis b.

  • Inertia – calculates the moment of inertia of the shape about its centroid. Moment of inertia is a measure of an object’s resistance to rotational motion.
  • Modulus – calculates the section modulus of the shape. Section modulus is a measure of a shape’s resistance to bending.
  • Radius – calculates the radius of gyration of the shape about its centroid. The radius of gyration is a measure of how far the mass of an object is distributed from its axis of rotation.
  • Area – calculates the area of the shape.

Calculating the section properties of a square tube at its center is made simpler with the help of a free online engineering calculator.

Square Tube Section properties Calculator

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