Specific Work Calculator

Primary Pressure
Secondary Pressure

Determine the specific work of turbo machinery like fans, pumps, and turbines using our Specific Work Calculator available online.

Specific work denotes the work conducted per unit weight. It is frequently applied in turbomachines such as fans, pumps, and turbines. By supplying the pressure and density values, you can effortlessly compute the specific work of a fan, pump, or turbine operating with an incompressible liquid.

Specific Work formula

    \[w = \frac{{p_1 - p_2}}{{\rho}}\]

    \[t = \frac{{p_2 - p_1}}{{\rho}}\]


  • w = Specific Work of Pump
  • t = Specific Work of Turbine
  • p1 = Primary Pressure
  • p2 = Secondary Pressure
  • ρ = Density

Specific Work Calculator

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