Speaker Sound Q Calculator

Horizontal Coverage
Vertical Coverage

Effortlessly compute theoretical values for loudspeaker and directivity index based on horizontal and vertical coverage, aiding in optimizing your speaker arrangement.

Determine a loudspeaker’s directivity index and theoretical q through this sound q calculator. Easily input the horizontal and vertical coverage measurements to derive the desired outcomes.

Speaker Sound Q formula

    \[q = \frac{{10\pi}}{{\sin^{-1}(\sin(\frac{h}{2})\sin(\frac{v}{2}))}}\]

    \[d = \frac{{10 \cdot 10 \cdot (0.43429 \cdot \log(q))}}{10}\]


  • q = Speaker Sound Q (Theoretical Loudspeaker)
  • h = Horizontal Coverage
  • v = Vertical Coverage
  • d = Directivity Index

Speaker Sound Q Calculator

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