Solid Round Tube Beams Deflection Calculator

Wall Thickness

Swiftly and precisely compute the deflection of solid round tubes. Access outcomes effortlessly through our user-friendly calculator.

Employ this Mechanical Engineering Calculator to determine the deflection of round tube beams. Just input the length, diameter, and wall thickness, pick the material from the provided options, and click “Calculate.” The resulting beam deflection value will be promptly presented in the output section.

Solid Round Tube Beams Deflection formula

    \[MI {Solid Round Beams} = \frac{\pi \cdot (OD^4 - ID^4)}{64}\]

    \[Deflection = \frac{length^3 \cdot force}{3 \cdot E \cdot MI}\]

    \[Bending Stress = \frac{force \cdot length}{\frac{MI}{0.5 \cdot height}}\]


  • MI = Moment of Inertia
  • E = Modulas of Elasticity in psi

Solid Round Tube Beams Deflection Calculator

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