Gallons Per Hour Consumption Calculator

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Determine your fuel usage using our user-friendly instrument. Obtain precise and customized outcomes within minutes. Enhance efficiency and cut costs using our fuel efficiency calculator.

This tool is tailored to compute the Gallons Per Hour (GPH) Consumption Rate for AvGas and Jet A fuels. All entries must be numerical, including decimal values if required. Time should be submitted in hours, with 6 minutes representing 1/10 of an hour. Fuel quantities should be indicated in gallons. The calculated results are derived from the provided entries and presented as a value.

Gallons Per Hour Consumption formula

Aviation Gasoline weight per gallon(gw)=6.00
Jet A weight per gallon(dw)=6.84
Total Capacity (AvGas) Fuel Load Weight=(Fuel weight)* (gw)
GPH=start fuel-end fuel

NOTE: Be sure to take into consideration winds aloft, restricted zones, climb time, and fuel for a margin of safety when calculating requirements. Be sure to check the current NOAA aviation weather for departure, along the flight plan, and at the destination airport before departure.

Gallons Per Hour Consumption Calculator

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