Series Inductance Calculator

Enter Inductance of All Inductors value in H (E.g: 1,3,2,6,8,9,10,5)

Calculate the cumulative inductance of a series inductance circuit with the help of the Series Inductance Calculator.

Employ our online Series Inductance Calculator to ascertain the combined inductance in a series arrangement of inductors. The calculator will furnish the total inductance measurement by inputting the number of inductors along with their respective inductance values. In a series inductance configuration, there’s a shared current flow, and the overall inductance surpasses any individual inductor.

Series Inductance formula

    \[L = L_1 + L_2 + L_3 + \ldots\]


  • L=Total Inductance
  • L1 ,L2,L3…=Each Inductance Value

Series Inductance Calculator

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