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Nichrome, an alloy comprising Nickel and Chromium, exhibits remarkable corrosion resistance and boasts a high melting point. These attributes render it a preferred material for various electrical appliances and tools. NiCr coils commonly come in two distinct types: Type A and Type C. Looping Nichrome to achieve specific electrical resistance can generate heat when current is passed through it. Streamline your calculations using our online Nichrome wire calculator, designed to effortlessly determine your Nichrome coil’s resistance, power, current, and voltage. Just enter the length, thickness, and temperature of the NiCr and receive accurate results instantly.

Nichrome Wire formula

RN = (Wire Length (inch) / 12) x RPF
Vp = I x RN
Power = I x Vp


  • RPF = Resistance per Feet (Ohms)
  • I = Current Required (Amps)
  • Vp = Volts

Nichrome Wire Calculator

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