NE555 Timer Astable Circuit Calculator

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Efficiently determine crucial parameters for your NE555 timer astable circuit using our online calculator.

The NE555, commonly known as the 555 timer, is a reliable electronic component extensively used in various applications. It suits astable and monostable circuit configurations, finding its place in time controllers, clock generators, and power supply switching. With our NE555 timer astable circuit calculator, you can easily calculate essential values, including frequency, time high, time low, and duty cycle. Just input the resistor and capacitor values—resistor1, resistor2, and capacitor—to swiftly obtain precise calculations for your circuit design.

NE555 Timer Astable Circuit formula

    \[d = \left(\frac{{THigh}}{{THigh + Tlow}}\right) \times 100\]

    \[f = \frac{{1.44}}{{(R1 + 2(R2)) \times C}}\]

    \[THigh = 0.693 \times (R1 + R2) \times C\]

    \[Tlow = 0.693 \times R2 \times C\]

    \[d = \left(\frac{{THigh}}{{THigh + Tlow}}\right) \times 100\]


  • R1 = Resistor 1
  • R2 = Resistor 2
  • C = Capacitor
  • d = Duty Cycle
  • f = Frequency
  • THigh = Time High
  • Tlow = Time Low

NE555 Timer Astable Circuit Calculator

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