Mechanical Advantage of a Pulley Calculator

Number of Movable Pulleys

Effortlessly determine the mechanical advantage of pulleys using our convenient online calculator – free. Obtain precise outcomes within seconds!

The mechanical advantage arises when a minor input force on a machine yields an amplified output force. Pulleys, comprised of wheels on a shaft, are employed to guide a belt forward or backward, facilitating the lifting of objects. This online calculator is tailored for calculating the mechanical advantage of pulleys, providing accurate results in moments.

Mechanical Advantage of a Pulley formula

    \[MA = 2 * n\]


  • MA = Mechanical Advantage of Pulley
  • n = Number of Movable Pulleys
  • Feffort = Force / Effort put for Load
  • Fload = Pulley Load

Mechanical Advantage of a Pulley Calculator

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