lb/ft3 to kN/m3 Conversion Calculator

Total Unit Weight

Utilize our complimentary online tool to convert lb/ft to kN/m. Input the following parameter: Weight.

The unit “lb/ft3” indicates substance density in pounds per cubic foot, and “kN/m3” signifies kilonewtons per cubic meter density. Seamlessly convert between these units using the lb/ft3 to kN/m3 conversion calculator. This tool streamlines unit weight conversion for soil, eliminating the need for intricate manual computations. Enter the lb/ft3 value and instantly acquire the corresponding kN/m3 value with simplicity.

lb/ft3 to kN/m3 Conversion formula

    \[T = S \times \left(\frac{9.81 , \text{kN/m}^3}{62.4 , \text{lb/ft}^3}\right)\]

The variables used in the formula are:

T = Total Unit Weight in kN/m³

S = Total Unit Weight in lb/ft³

lb/ft3 to kN/m3 Conversion Calculator

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