Copper Loss Calculator

Primary Winding Current
Primary Winding Ohmic Resistance
Secondary Winding Current
Secondary Winding Ohmic Resistance

You can access the Transformer Copper Loss Calculator to determine transformer ohmic loss.

“Copper loss” pertains to the heat produced by electric current within an electrical apparatus. This loss is quantifiable using Joule’s first law, which declares that the energy dissipated per second rises proportionally to the square of the current traversing the winding, wherein ‘a’ and ‘c’ represent current while ‘b’ and ‘d’ denote resistance. The Transformer Copper Loss Calculator available below aids in evaluating transformer ohmic loss. You can effortlessly generate the desired calculation outcomes by inserting the required parameters.

Copper Loss formula

l = (a2 × b) + (c2 × d)


  • l = Copper Loss
  • a = Primary Winding Current
  • b = Primary Winding Ohmic Resistance
  • c = Secondary Winding Current
  • d = Secondary Winding Ohmic Resistance

Copper Loss Calculator

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