Compression Spring Wire Length Calculator

Mean Diameter
Total Coils

Utilize our user-friendly wire length calculator to determine the wire length for your custom compression springs. Achieve an impeccable match for your spring design!

A compression spring belongs to the category of open-coil springs, designed to endure compression along its axis. Crafted from spring steel, this spring type serves the purpose of storing and releasing mechanical energy. It finds widespread application in automotive engines, substantial stamping presses, medical implements, electronics, and delicate instrumentation devices.

An online calculator for compression spring wire length is available for individuals seeking to compute the spring wire’s length. This calculator mandates inputting the mean diameter and total coil count to generate accurate results.

Compression Spring Wire Length formula

Compression Spring Wire Length = Π x D x N


  • D = Mean Diameter
  • N = Total Coils

Compression Spring Wire Length Calculator

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