Coaxial Cable Impedance Calculator

Dielectric Outer Diameter
Inner Conductor Diameter
Dielectric Constant

This online calculator offers the impedance of a coaxial cable in ohms based on a specified circuit.

Within the realm of engineering, a coaxial cable is an electrical cable comprising an inner conductor enveloped by a tubular insulating layer and a tubular conducting shield. Here, you can utilize the online calculator to ascertain the impedance of a coaxial cable in ohms for a specific circuit. By inputting the necessary values into the calculator provided below, you can calculate the coaxial cable impedance and cutoff frequency, capacitance, inductance, and propagation velocity.

Coaxial Cable Impedance formula

Z = (138 × log10 (d1 / (d2)) / √(R)
F = 11.8 / (√(R) × π × ((d1 + d2) / 2))
T =( (7.354 × R) / (log10(d1 / d2)))/0.3048
D = (140.4 × log10(d1 / d2))/0.3048
V = (1 / √ (R)) × 100


  • Z = Impedance
  • d1 = Dielectric Outer Diameter
  • d2 = Inner Conductor Diameter
  • R = Dielectric Constant
  • F = Cutoff Frequency
  • T = Capacitance
  • D = Inductance
  • V = Velocity of Propagation

Coaxial Cable Impedance Calculator

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