Total Luminous Flux Calculator

Maximum Luminous Intensity
Cone Full Angle

Quantify the complete luminous flux of a light source using our web-based calculator.

Evaluate the quantity of practical light emitted by a light source using our user-friendly calculator designed for total luminous flux. Luminous flux, quantified in lumens (lm), offers an objective assessment of the brightness of the light. Additionally, this tool facilitates the conversion of luminous intensity into luminous flux, furnishing the lumen output of the light source. Effortlessly uncover the brilliant flux capabilities of your light source with this tool.

Total Luminous Flux formula

    \[\Omega = 2\pi(1-\cos(\theta))\]

    \[F = \Omega \cdot Iv\]


  • Iv = Maximum Luminous Intensity
  • θ = Cone Full Angle
  • Ω = Equivalent Solid Angle
  • F = Total Luminous Flux

Total Luminous Flux Calculator

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