Torsion Spring Wire Length Calculator

Mean Diameter
Leg Length 1 (LL1)
Leg Length 2 (LL2)
Total Coils (N)

Effortlessly determine the length of torsion springs using our efficient wire length calculator. Obtain precise measurements swiftly with just a few clicks.

A torsion spring, a helical spring, generates torque or rotary force through twisting. It’s an elastic object capable of restoring mechanical energy upon twisting. Torsion springs have their ends linked to other components, and upon rotation, the spring restores them to their initial state. These cylindrical round wire springs come in various shapes. For calculating the wire length of a torsion spring, utilize our user-friendly Torsion Spring Wire Length calculator.

Torsion Spring Wire Length formula

    \[Torsion Spring Wire Length = (\Pi \cdot D \cdot N) + LL_1 + LL_2\]


  • D = Mean Diameter
  • N = Total Coils
  • LL1 = Leg Length 1
  • LL2 = Leg Length 2

Torsion Spring Wire Length Calculator

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