Temperature Rise in Pumps Calculator

Brake Power
Pump Efficiency
Specific Heat Capacity of Fluid
Volume Flow Through Pump
Fluid Density
kg /m3

Compute the temperature elevation in pumps resulting from energy dissipation and friction using our web-based calculator.

Pumps inherently encounter energy losses attributed to friction and hydraulic inefficiencies, leading to a temperature elevation in the pumped fluid. Employ our online pump temperature rise calculator to ascertain the temperature increase based on variables including the pump’s brake power, efficiency, and fluid properties like specific heat capacity, volume flow rate, and density.

Temperature Rise in Pumps formula

    \[dt = \frac{{P_s \cdot (1 - \mu)}}{{c_p \cdot q \cdot \rho}}\]


  • dt = Temperature Rise in Pump
  • q = Volume Flow through Pump
  • Ps = Brake Power
  • cp = Specific Heat Capacity of Fluid
  • μ = Pump Efficiency
  • ρ = Fluid Density

Temperature Rise in Pumps Calculator

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