R1 R2 Calculator

Direct Measurement
Loop Impedance

Compute R1 and R2 utilizing Ze and Zs through our online R1 R2 calculator.

Utilize our online R1 R2 Calculator to derive R1 and R2 values from provided Ze and Zs. R1 corresponds to the phase conductor circuit resistance, whereas R2 signifies the resistance of the circuit earth conductor. Ze denotes loop impedance, representing the external impedance along the fault current path to Earth. Zs illustrates direct measurement, reflecting the total impedance of the fault current path to Earth. Calculate the measured value (R1 + R2) based on the natural size and loop impedance.

R1 R2 formula

    \[R1 + R2 = Zs - Ze\]


  • R1+R2 = Measured Value
  • Zs = Direct Measurement
  • Ze = Loop Impedance

R1 R2 Calculator

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