Parallel Resistance Calculator

Resistor R1
Resistor R2

Effortlessly determine the parallel resistance (R1+R2) within a circuit using our online calculator.

Please use our online calculator to calculate the parallel resistance (R1+R2) within a circuit effortlessly. Swiftly ascertain the total equivalent resistance (R) for configurations involving up to 2 resistors connected in parallel. Choose between K Ohms or M Ohms for the resistor units. Enhance your circuit analysis with this user-friendly tool.

Parallel Resistance formula

    \[R_p = \frac{1}{\left(\frac{1}{R_1} + \frac{1}{R_2}\right)}\]


  • Rp = Total Parallel Resistance
  • R1 & R2 = Resistors connected in parallel

Parallel Resistance Calculator

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