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Effortlessly compute microstrip impedance with our all-inclusive online calculator.

Harness the power of our electrical engineering calculator to precisely determine critical parameters such as Characteristic Impedance, Capacitance per unit length, Inductance per unit length, DC resistance per unit length, and propagation speed of a trace. Just input the trace width, thickness, dielectric thickness, and relative dielectric constant; this calculator will provide you with these crucial values. Elevate your circuit design and analysis capabilities using this comprehensive calculator, enabling you to make well-informed decisions and optimize your electrical engineering projects. Simplify your calculations and streamline your design process using our intuitive electrical engineering calculator.

Microstrip Impedance formula

    \[\text{Microstrip Impedance } Z_o = \left( \frac{87}{\sqrt{(\text{er}+1.41)}} \right) \cdot \ln \left( \frac{5.98 \cdot h}{(0.8 \cdot w)+t} \right)\]

    \[T_{pd} = 3.333 \cdot \sqrt{(0.475 \cdot \text{er})+0.67} \cdot \text{dimension}\]

    \[C = \frac{T_{pd}}{Z_o}\]

    \[L = \frac{T_{pd} \cdot Z_o}{1000}\]

    \[D_c = \frac{17.2}{w \cdot t \cdot \text{dimension}^2} \cdot 1000\]


  • Zo = Single Ended Impedance
  • er = Relative dielectric constant
  • h = Trace width
  • w = Trace height
  • t = Trace thickness
  • Tpd = Propagation Delay
  • C = Capacitance
  • L = Inductance
  • Dc = Resistance
  • If the dimension unit is mm then dimension=1
  • If the dimension unit is mils then the dimension is 0.0254

Microstrip Impedance Calculator

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