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Use our streamlined online calculator to compute microstrip impedance from your desired target impedance (Zo).

Leverage our electrical engineering calculator to accurately determine essential parameters, including trace width, Capacitance per unit length, Inductance per unit length, DC resistance per unit length, and propagation speed, all based on your specified target impedance (Zo), trace thickness, dielectric thickness, and relative dielectric constant. Enhance your circuit design and analysis process by optimizing trace dimensions to achieve your desired electrical characteristics. Elevate your electrical engineering projects and make informed design choices with the help of our user-friendly electrical engineering calculator. Simplify your calculations and unleash the full potential of your circuit designs.

Microstrip Impedance From Zo formula

    \[w = \left( \frac{{7.48 \cdot h}}{{e(Z_o \cdot \sqrt{{\text{er} + 1.41}}) / 87}} \right) - (1.25 \cdot t)\]

    \[T_{pd} = 3.333 \cdot \sqrt{{(0.475 \cdot \text{er}) + 0.67}} \cdot \text{dimension}\]

    \[C = \frac{{T_{pd}}}{{Z_o}}\]

    \[L = \frac{{T_{pd} \cdot Z_o}}{{1000}}\]

    \[D_c = \frac{{17.2}}{{w \cdot t \cdot \text{dimension}^2}} \cdot 1000\]


  • w = Trace width
  • er = Relative Dielectric Constant
  • h = Trace Width
  • Zo = Single-Ended Microstrip Impedance
  • t = Trace Thickness
  • Tpd = Propagation Delay
  • C = Capacitance
  • L = Inductance
  • Dc = Resistance
  • if the dimension unit is mm then dimension=1
  • if the dimension unit is mils then the dimension is 0.0254

Microstrip Impedance From Zo Calculator

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