mA/h Power Consumption Calculator

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Effortlessly compute power consumption with our mA/h (milliamperes per hour) power consumption calculator.

The ampere, often known as an amp, is the standard unit for measuring current flow. 1 Ampere is equal to 1000 milliamperes (mA). Our dedicated online calculator is designed to efficiently calculate power consumption using battery capacity in milliamperes per hour (mA/h) and estimated usage time. Streamline your power calculation tasks with this user-friendly tool, allowing you to precisely determine power consumption based on the given battery capacity and estimated usage hours.

mA/h Power Consumption formula

    \[b = \frac{c}{h} \cdot 0.70\]


  • b = Average Current Consumption
  • c = Battery Capacity
  • h = Estimated Hours

mA/h Power Consumption Calculator

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