LED Series Resistor Calculator

Supply Voltage (Vs)
Voltage Drop (Vd)
Forward Current (If)

Effortlessly compute the optimal series resistor for your LED circuit using our streamlined online calculator. Safeguard your LED from overdriving and ensure precise current limiting with this user-friendly tool.

Our online electrical calculator is designed to simplify the process of calculating the resistance needed for an LED resistor circuit using Ohm’s Law. You can quickly ascertain the ideal resistance value for your course by inputting the relevant parameters. Simplify your LED circuit design and guarantee accurate current limiting by harnessing the power of this convenient online calculator based on the principles of Ohm’s Law.

LED Series Resistor formula

    \[R = \frac{{V_s - V_d}}{{I_f}}\]


  • R = Resistance,
  • Vs = Supply Voltage,
  • Vd = Voltage Drop,
  • If = Forward Current

LED Series Resistor Calculator

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