Gapped Core Inductance Calculator

Core length
Gap area
Gap length
Relative permeability
Number of turns

Utilize this internet-based calculator to determine the inductance of gapped cores in various applications. Traditionally, gapped bodies have been employed to control inductance and enhance air core inductors’ quality factor (Q). This calculator enables you to compute gapped core inductance by inputting relevant parameters.

Gapped Core Inductance formula

Al = (4π*Ae) / ((le/μr)+lg)
L = Al*N210-3
B/I = (0.4π*N) / ((le/μr)+lg)


  • Al = Inductance per turn2
  • N = Number of turns
  • Ae = Gap area
  • Le = Core length
  • μr = Relative permeability
  • Lg = Gap length
  • B/I = Flux Density per Amp

Gapped Core Inductance Calculator

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