Bolt Pattern Calculator

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Diameter of Bolt Circle
Diameter of Holes
Angle of 1st Hole A
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Quickly and effortlessly determine your vehicle’s bolt pattern using our bolt pattern calculator. Ensure a perfect fit for your car, truck, or SUV with ease.

The calculation involves the arrangement of circles at the center of wheel lugs, referred to as the bolt circle or pattern. Our online calculator aids in determining the precise position of the bolt circle pattern, considering factors such as the number of holes, angle of the first hole, diameter of the first hole, offset, diameter of the holes, and the bolt circle’s characteristics.

Bolt Pattern formula

x coordinate = cos ( ( n – 1 ) * B + A ) * R + Xc
y coordinate = sin ( ( n – 1 ) * B + A ) * R + Yc


  • A = First Hole Angle – from 0°
  • B = Angle between holes ( 360 / Number of holes )
  • n = Hole number counter
  • R = Radius of the bolt circle (or) diameter of the bolt circle/2
  • Xc = Hole X coordinate
  • Yc = Hole Y coordinate

Bolt Pattern Calculator

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