Cable Force Calculator

Midspan Force in Cable
Unit Load
Cable Span

Utilize this online tool to calculate the force within a cable at its supported terminations.

This online calculator is employed to figure out the force within a cable at its points of support. The staff represents the tension exerted on the cable’s two supported ends, which can trigger the deformation or acceleration of the object. When subjected to uniform gravitational force, the reinforced lines adopt a curved configuration that follows the Catenary curve. Ensuring that the cable tension is sufficient to endure the stress arising from the object’s weight is vital. You can input the required parameters into the calculator and obtain the cable force at its supported ends.

Cable Force formula

    \[T = \sqrt{H^2 + \left(\frac{w \times L}{2}\right)^2}\]


  • T = Force in Cable at Support Ends
  • H = Midspan Force in Cable
  • w = Unit Load
  • L = Cable Span

Cable Force Calculator

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