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This web-based calculator is crafted to assist in determining AC power, utilizing the essential input parameters.

On this page, you’ll find an online calculator tailored for AC power calculation. It can compute circuit current using diverse factors such as power factor angle, voltage, and current. Unlike direct current, which flows unidirectionally, alternating recent cyclically changes direction. To operate this AC calculator, provide the power factor angle in degrees, along with voltage and current in amperes. Additionally, this AC voltage calculator accommodates various measurement units for input values.

AC Power formula

For Single Phase

P = V × I × cos(θ)
V = P / (I × cos(θ)
I = P / (V × cos(θ)

For Three Phase

P = √3 × V × I × cos(θ)
V = P / (3 × I × cos(θ)
I = P / (3 × V × cos(θ)


  • P = Power
  • θ = Power Factor Angle
  • V = Voltage
  • I = Current

AC Power Calculator

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