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Utilize our complimentary online tool to compute the length of a shed roof rafter. Input the following parameters: Overhang, Roof Span, Pitch, Angle.

Effortlessly determine the precise length of a rafter for your building or structure’s shed roof using our user-friendly online rafter length calculator. Ensure accurate measurements for the rafter, a crucial support element for the construction.

Rafter Length formula

    \[Rafter\ Length\ using\ Angle = V + \frac{R}{2\cos(A)}\]

    \[Rafter\ Length\ using\ Pitch = V + \frac{R}{2}\sqrt{1+P^2}\]

The variables used in the formula are:

V = Overhang

R = Roof Span

P = Pitch

Easily calculate the length of your shed roof rafter with our online Rafter Length Calculator. Just enter the measurements of the overhead, length of roof span, and pitch or angle, and you’ll have the rafters of the perfect size for your roofing project.

Rafter Length Calculator

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