Pregnancy Gestational Diabetes Diet Calculator

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For expectant mothers with weight concerns, determining the appropriate calorie intake can be a query. Excessive weight gain during pregnancy can contribute to gestational diabetes. You should manage your dietary choices to mitigate this risk closely. Discover the parameters for a gestational diabetes diet: BMI, IBW (Ideal Body Weight), ABW (Adjusted Body Weight), BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), weight gain, and calorie requirements.

Pregnancy Gestational Diabetes Diet formula

Body Mass Index (BMI) = weight / (height * height)
Ideal Body Weight (IBW) = 45.5+(((height*0.393700787)-60)*2.3)
Adjusted Body Weight (ABW) = IBW + 0.4(actual weight – IBW)
Basal Metabolic Rate = 655.1 + (9.6 * weight) + (1.8 * height) – (4.7 * age)
Calories = BMR * factor

Pregnancy Gestational Diabetes Diet Calculator

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