Ideal Body Proportions Calculator


Numerous individuals believe conforming to “ideal body proportions” is essential for happiness and success. Nevertheless, the notion of “ideal body proportions” is intricate and subjective, lacking scientific validation. In reality, no single “correct” body form exists, and everyone has the right to embrace their body shape and size.

If you’re curious about your ideal body proportions, use this online calculator.

Ideal Body Proportions formula

6.5 waist girthis a chest girth.
Waist girth equals 70% of chest.
53% of the chest equal to hip girth.
Neck is equal to 37% of chest girth.
Biceps is equal to 36% of chest girth.
Lower leg is equal to 34%.
Forearm girth is equal to 29% of chest girth.

Ideal Body Proportions Calculator

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